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Got 2 Puppies Today

We now have two 8-week-old puppies. They are Aussiedoodles, a mix between a Poodle and Australian Shepherd. Lacie found them on CraigsList and her and the kids drove 2 hours to Killeen today to get them. She sent me a pic of the kids in the car with the puppies on their way back and they looked super happy.

We promised the kids if we moved to Texas we would get a dog, and since it’s been 9 months since we moved I suppose the second dog is “interest” owed. Now time to train some puppies!

Lacie built a really nice fenced area right off the back patio, so we have a good spot for them to run and play.

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Lone Star Float House Intel

Lone Star Float House

After work today I took a drive to check out places along the Guadalupe River that offered shuttle services to float the river. I looked up a place called Lone Star Float House and went there for a burger. I figured that’d be the best way to get the intel I need. And I was right. The server told me everything I needed to know!

Found out you can pay $10 and they will drive you up to a place called Caps up the river and then you can float back down to our the River Chase Park. Also found out you could pay to park your car there for $25 on weekdays and $50 on weekends. So that’s another option.

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Sold the Motorhome!

Well we finally sold Big George! It was a little bittersweet because on one hand it was nice to get rid of the monthly payment, but we also had so many good memories in it.

But it went to a good home. A couple from Arkansas bought it after seeing all the nice photos (see below) that Lacie posted after she fixed it up.

Lacie really did an amazing job remodeling and staging it. In fact, I had one guy call and tell me that whoever remodeled it could start a business doing that. I’ve been telling Lacie she needs to start some sort of design business for years since she’s got such a good gift in that area – so I told her now she has to.

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4th of July in River Chase

Kids at the neighborhood 4th of July parade.

Today we went to the big 4th of July party here in our new neighborhood, River Chase. They had softball games going on, face painting, food trucks, and live music. And the firework show was amazing. The kids loved it. Charlie kept saying, “I never seen anything like this!” Charlie has seen a lot of things in his four years but nothing quite like this. 🙂

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Spartan Race 2021

This is Sparta!

Did a Spartan Race today with: Lacie, Loretta, Sarah, Alphonse, Hollie, and Junior. It was a blast and we all had a good time. We decided to stick together in the race so I stayed back with the girls to help them get past the obstacles, especially the high walls. 

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Cape Kiwanda Trip

Emma and Cece walking on the beach

We just wrapped up a 4-day camping trip to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. We met Rocky and Harmony and their kids there so that was fun to camp together. The park we stay at is across the road from the beach, so it’s a great spot.

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Sold Our First Home

Battle Ground Home
I’ll miss this property. It was so peaceful.

Today Lacie and I made the final trip to our Venersborg house to finish cleaning out my office and to sign the papers to sell the home. We bought this home in May 2017 for $350,000. And today we sold it for $444,000. So not a bad gain in just 3 years.

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Garage Conversion Project

We decided to convert our garage into a playroom. And it turned out great! We also finished the laundry room and built a little home gym too.

Since I had to work, Lacie did most of the work with her Dad. But I got to help install some of the wood panel walls, which was fun. It’s nice to have some extra room for the kids to play in and a gym for me to workout in now!

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