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Month: July 2022

Sold the Motorhome!

Well we finally sold Big George! It was a little bittersweet because on one hand it was nice to get rid of the monthly payment, but we also had so many good memories in it.

But it went to a good home. A couple from Arkansas bought it after seeing all the nice photos (see below) that Lacie posted after she fixed it up.

Lacie really did an amazing job remodeling and staging it. In fact, I had one guy call and tell me that whoever remodeled it could start a business doing that. I’ve been telling Lacie she needs to start some sort of design business for years since she’s got such a good gift in that area – so I told her now she has to.

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4th of July in River Chase

Kids at the neighborhood 4th of July parade.

Today we went to the big 4th of July party here in our new neighborhood, River Chase. They had softball games going on, face painting, food trucks, and live music. And the firework show was amazing. The kids loved it. Charlie kept saying, “I never seen anything like this!” Charlie has seen a lot of things in his four years but nothing quite like this. 🙂

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