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4th of July in River Chase

Kids at the neighborhood 4th of July parade.

Today we went to the big 4th of July party here in our new neighborhood, River Chase. They had softball games going on, face painting, food trucks, and live music. And the firework show was amazing. The kids loved it. Charlie kept saying, “I never seen anything like this!” Charlie has seen a lot of things in his four years but nothing quite like this. 🙂

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13th Anniversary Trip

We celebrated our 13th anniversary and our birthdays at place called Tres Lunas this year. It’s a small quiet bed and breakfast just outside Fredericksburg. And it’s one of my favorite places we’ve ever stayed, mainly because how quiet and peaceful it was there. After our first day there I told Lacie, “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so relaxed in my entire life, great choice!”

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Excavating New Property

Shortly after moving into our new place we noticed some water issues in the backyard. After it rained we basically had two little ponds form, one right off our back patio and one in the front yard.

It was frustrating because new sod had just been laid in the back and we really didn’t want to tear it up to fix the grade. But after thinking about it knew we had to, otherwise we’d be dealing with water issues for years.

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Our New Home in Texas

Well, we have a home again! After living in Airbnbs and our motorhome for the last 4 months we finally have a place of our own again. And it feels so nice. The original completion date was in February, so we rented an Airbnb for January and February. But the completion date got delayed and since the place we were in was already booked for March we had to move again.

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Our First Month in Texas

Well we’ve been in Texas for a month now so figured it’s time for an update! I’d say the three biggest differences I’ve noticed between Washington and Texas are: a lot more sun, a lot less masks and people are proud of the state they live in (Texas flags are everywhere!).

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Moving to Texas!

So after saying our goodbyes last night (which was not fun!) we hit the road this morning to Texas. We woke up early today and finished packing the last few things into the U-Pack trailer and our two vehicles before heading out. We decided to take the route down through California, Arizona and New Mexico.

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RV Trip To Texas

Pit stop in Moab on our way to Texas.

On Thursday, November 4th, we listed our home for sale and then headed south. We had to get our motorhome down to Texas and wanted to do it before the weather got too bad. Plus, Lacie didn’t want to stress about keeping the home clean for showings — and with four kids that’s nearly impossible if we’re living there.

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Spartan Race 2021

This is Sparta!

Did a Spartan Race today with: Lacie, Loretta, Sarah, Alphonse, Hollie, and Junior. It was a blast and we all had a good time. We decided to stick together in the race so I stayed back with the girls to help them get past the obstacles, especially the high walls. 

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Cape Kiwanda Trip

Emma and Cece walking on the beach

We just wrapped up a 4-day camping trip to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. We met Rocky and Harmony and their kids there so that was fun to camp together. The park we stay at is across the road from the beach, so it’s a great spot.

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