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RV Trip To Texas

Pit stop in Moab on our way to Texas.

On Thursday, November 4th, we listed our home for sale and then headed south. We had to get our motorhome down to Texas and wanted to do it before the weather got too bad. Plus, Lacie didn’t want to stress about keeping the home clean for showings — and with four kids that’s nearly impossible if we’re living there.

And figured we should probably find another home since we’re selling ours. So we packed up the motorhome and headed out. It took five days to get to our destination and it was a great trip overall. Here’s some highlights…

Day 1 – Battle Ground to Boise

Lacie bought a new Atlas for the kids and we taught them how to use it, which they thought was so cool.

Today was our first day of our road trip to Texas. We woke up around 6:30 am — well I did — Lacie woke up at like 4:00 am because she gets super energy for trips (I just get normal type of energy). She went to Wal-Mart this morning and bought an SD card for the kids Nintendo so we could download some new games for them, which turned out to be a brilliant idea. They played their games during the whole 7-hour drive here, so that was nice.

After I woke up we did our workout and then finished loading up the motorhome. We hit the road right around 9:00 am. We got propane in Hockinson and gas at Costco in Camas. Then stopped in Pendleton because our driver-side mirror was wobbling so bad it looked like it may fall off!

So we stopped at an Ace Hardware store and fixed it. Grabbed some Mexican food to go and finished our drive to Boise (we each drove about half the time). We arrived at 8:07 pm Boise Time. Set up camp, ate dinner and got ready for bed.

Day 2 – Boise to Heber City

Beautiful sunset in Heber City, Utah

We arrived in Heber City, Utah today after a great day traveling. We woke up around 6:00 am and packed up the motorhome while the kids were still sleeping and pulled out around 7:00 when it was still dark.

Lacie said one of her favorite memories as a kid was waking up in their motorhome when her Dad would already be on the road. And apparently our kids thought it was awesome too because after each one of them woke up they remarked how cool it was that we were already somewhere else (which happened to be Wal-Mart parking lot, but in their eyes it was still cool!).

We filled up with gas and then drove across the street to Lowes to fix our other side mirror which was also wobbling loose. Found out that some water must have gotten in behind the mirror and rotted some of the wood; so the screws our mechanic had put in (we asked them to fix this a couple months ago) weren’t holding.

Thankfully Lacie is super smart at figuring stuff like this out. So after a few trips into Lowes we (mostly her) got it fixed. Now that mirror is solid as a rock! It took us a couple hours to do that project but we were both happy we were able to solve the problem and get back on the road. I drove for about 250 miles before switching with Lacie who drove the rest of the way.

We pulled into the RV park here in Heber City around 4:00 pm. When we drove up we started freaking out because the mountain views were spectacular! It’s just so beautiful here. We wanted to stay an extra day but decided against it so we could stay on schedule.

We ordered Mexican food on DoorDash and we all ate out on the picnic table watching a beautiful sunset. Then we took the kids to the hot tub before coming back to wind down in the motorhome. It was such a good day.

Day 3 – Heber City to Durango

Pulled over in Moab to climb up this hill with the kids to take a picture of this cool arch.

Wrapped up our third day of our road trip today and had another great day! Left Heber City, UT around 6am and drove through Moab to get here to Durango, CO. It was my first time driving through Moab and it was so beautiful.

I wanted to stop and eat lunch in town but Lacie wanted to keep going. But when I saw a breathtaking rock arch I pulled the RV over and said, “I gotta check this out!” So I took the kids to go climb up to the arch while Lacie made us lunch in the RV. That’s where I took the above pic. It was so beautiful!

We had dinner in Durango at a really good brewery. And then came back to the motorhome and thought our jacks were messed up again. But it was really a wire that was unplugged in our battery that Lacie found. So crisis averted! 🙂

Day 4 – Durango to Lubbock

Charlie racing with Lacie. She said he thought he was driving it and was serious about holding that steering wheel!

Well we finally made it to Texas! We left Durango around 5:45 am. and drove 528 miles to Lubbock, Texas and arrived just before 3:00 pm. We actually arrived at 2:55 pm, just 5 minutes before The Shack BBQ closed. So we pulled the RV in and I jumped out and ordered some brisket, pulled pork and sausage. It was super good. 

Then we drove 1/2 mile down the road to Thunder Zone Family Fun and rode go-carts and played laser tag with the kids. I wanted the kids to associate Texas with fun so I told Lacie I wanted to do something fun as soon as we got here and I’m happy we did!   

The drive here went well again. The kids have been doing so good. They just play their video games and watch movies on the tablet. Even Charlie has been in such a good mood this whole time. 

I also talked to the Realtor tonight, Jaysiah. She told us there were 4 showings of the house and about 8 people who came to the open house yesterday. She said she’ll gather feedback from the people who saw it and get back to us tomorrow.

Day 5 – Lubbock to Austin

Charlie playing — and winning — one of the carnival games at Wurstfest.

We left Lubbock this morning around 6:15 am and drove down to San Antonio to pick up Ally’s car which she’s letting us borrow. On our way we stopped at Black Rifle Coffee which was cool since I really like that company and didn’t know they were based out of here (I just saw their sign off the side of the highway and took that exit).

Then we drove up to New Braunfels to meet up with our new friends Beth and Scott who invited us to attend this big annual festival called Wurstfest. We had fun hanging out with them and letting the kids go on some rides and play carnival games. 

The highlight of the night was when Charlie played this ballon popping game. The other kids played before him but then we ran out of tokens and I wanted to go instead of spending another $20 on tokens. But he was crying and Lacie insisted I let him play so I did.

The guy handed him the ball and Charlie took it in his hand, stared at it for 2 seconds and then wound up his right hand, held it for a second as he found his target and then he let it rip and popped the balloon! He was so happy about it and kept talking about it all night. It was $20 well spent.

Then we drove up to the RV park we’re staying that’s just 20 mins south of Austin. But on our way we stopped at a gas station called Buc-ee’s, which was amazing. It’s so BIG it’s crazy. The kids loved it and so did we. Got to our campsite around 10:00 pm and got all setup and went to bed. Great day and successful trip down!


  1. Michael Monen

    Wow what a trip, sounds like a great time traveling with the family. I so happy for you all that it went so well. And the kids seemed,to enjoy every bit of it. They well remember your road trips for ever, because you and Laci made it fun. Great job Mom and Dad.

    • Josh

      Hey Dad – Thanks. Yeah it was a blast! A lot of good memories were formed. Now we’ll be making that drive again not too long from now. Counting down the days ’til we become Texans!

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