This is Sparta!

Did a Spartan Race today with: Lacie, Loretta, Sarah, Alphonse, Hollie, and Junior. It was a blast and we all had a good time. We decided to stick together in the race so I stayed back with the girls to help them get past the obstacles, especially the high walls. 

They had us go through waist-high mud right away so we all got super muddy. Then we scaled a couple high walls.

When we got to the first wall I helped Lacie, Loretta and Sarah over but forgot about Hollie, so after I jumped the wall and landed they all looked at me and screamed, “What about Hollie?! You forgot Hollie!” 

I freaked out for a second and felt bad but then realized I could just walk six feet around the wall and go help her, haha.

We did a bunch of other obstacles including: a sandbag carry, bucket carry, sled pull thing, money bars, rings, rope climb, spear throw, crawl under barbed wire, a hoist, sideways wall climb and a couple cargo net things. 

I cleared all the obstacles but I still did burpees (the penalty for missing an obstacle) with the girls after they missed the spear throw.

We all had a lot of fun and afterward we hung out in the festival area. Then we stopped by a restaurant in Washougal on our way home to eat and celebrate. We all agreed we would definitely do this again. And we found out there was a kid’s version so next time we’ll enroll the kids!

Here’s some pics from the race:

Lacie crushing it at the bucket carry
Lacie wins the monkey bars
Sarah was way too happy about the army crawl
Hollie and Lacie doing the army crawl
Josh doing the bucket carry
Alphonse in Spartan mode
Alphonse making it look easy