Emma and Cece walking on the beach

We just wrapped up a 4-day camping trip to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. We met Rocky and Harmony and their kids there so that was fun to camp together. The park we stay at is across the road from the beach, so it’s a great spot.

We left town around 12:30 on Sunday and got to Cape Kiwanda around 4:00 pm and setup camp.  The first thing Lacie did was take the kids to the beach to climb the sand hill while I watched Charlie.

Then Rocky & Harmony arrived around 5:30. After they got setup we all went to the beach and I climbed the sand hill with Rocky. Then Lacie and kids came up again too. We stayed up ’til almost midnight talking around the campfire and having a good time.

The next morning Lacie woke up early and went for a run while I slept in til like 8 or 9am since I was up so late. Then later we took the kids to the beach and let them play in the sand and get their feet wet. It was super windy but they still had a blast. For the second day in the row I had clam chowder from Ben and Jeff’s, the little walk up place across the street, and it was so good.

On the third day I woke up early and went for a walk with Lacie on the beach. And then went for a 4-mile run after I walked up the sand hill in 3:59 (had to set a record!). So I got a good sweat going this morning.

Later that day I spent some quality time with Lily. We got hot chocolate from the coffee shop across the street and walked to the beach. And on our way back I took her to the little store at the campground and let her pick out a toy.

On our fourth day we packed up in the morning before walking over to the beach. We drew in the sand and had a long-jump contest. I used to be able to jump super far but didn’t do too well this time (maybe the downside from bulking up!). We left the beach at 11:00 am and drove home. Another successful camping trip. 🙂

At the summit of Sand Mountain!
Enjoying some quality time with Lily
Beautiful, windy day at the Oregon Coast