Lone Star Float House

After work today I took a drive to check out places along the Guadalupe River that offered shuttle services to float the river. I looked up a place called Lone Star Float House and went there for a burger. I figured that’d be the best way to get the intel I need. And I was right. The server told me everything I needed to know!

Found out you can pay $10 and they will drive you up to a place called Caps up the river and then you can float back down to our the River Chase Park. Also found out you could pay to park your car there for $25 on weekdays and $50 on weekends. So that’s another option.

So got the info I needed and ate the most greasy burger I’ve had in a long time then headed home. I made a couple more stops alone the way to scout things out. But now have a pretty good idea of how to float the river, which I’ve been trying to figure out since we have river access where we live.

Also drove up to Canyon Lake on my way home but the park was closed. Would like to figure out how to rent jet skis if they offer that. It was a nice break to go for that drive. Still missing Lacie and the kids who are in Michigan!