We decided to convert our garage into a playroom. And it turned out great! We also finished the laundry room and built a little home gym too.

Since I had to work, Lacie did most of the work with her Dad. But I got to help install some of the wood panel walls, which was fun. It’s nice to have some extra room for the kids to play in and a gym for me to workout in now!

Step 1: Clean out the garage and get ready to build!
Benji and Lily helping unload the wood.

Somehow the gym area kept shrinking as the playroom area grew! Ah well. Just happy to have some sort of home gym.
Found a good deal on gym mats on Craigslist. Had to venture into the bottom of a dark warehouse with some guy we just met… felt a little sketchy but we made it out alive!
Charlie helping install the floor.
Got the floor installed (those thick mats were hard to cut!) and my squat rack installed!

Now time to paint!
Got a good painting crew here!
All done!
My new gym! Love it.