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Sold Our First Home

Battle Ground Home
I’ll miss this property. It was so peaceful.

Today Lacie and I made the final trip to our Venersborg house to finish cleaning out my office and to sign the papers to sell the home. We bought this home in May 2017 for $350,000. And today we sold it for $444,000. So not a bad gain in just 3 years.

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Camping at Battle Ground Lake

Last night I decided to go for a hike around Battle Ground Lake. During my walk I scouted out the RV sites. I found a couple open ones and then called Lacie to see if she wanted to take the RV out and go camping!

She said yes. So I drove to town to get some food and snacks for the kids and then went home and helped her load up the motorhome. We got there just before dark and set up camp. The kids loved it!

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Garage Conversion Project

We decided to convert our garage into a playroom. And it turned out great! We also finished the laundry room and built a little home gym too.

Since I had to work, Lacie did most of the work with her Dad. But I got to help install some of the wood panel walls, which was fun. It’s nice to have some extra room for the kids to play in and a gym for me to workout in now!

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Spontaneous Trip to Pacific City

We got our RV detailed yesterday and after seeing it all cleaned up today it made us want to take it camping! Especially after realizing we had a couple sunny days in the forecast.

So after the guys finished doing their detail work, Lacie and Loretta packed up the RV while I finished my work. I had a 45-minute call with a client about a potential new partnership, which went well.

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Baby Charlie: 6 Months Old!

Laying in the Grass!

Yes, it’s been way too long since I posted an update on Charlie! Sorry about that. I’ve just been super busy with work over the last 3 months since we got back from the hospital and haven’t had much time to blog. But thought I’d bring you all up to speed today. 

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Charlie’s First 2 Weeks Home

Charlie relaxing outside.

We’ve been home from the NICU for 2 weeks now and Charlie is doing great! It really seems like he’s more relaxed and happier now that he’s home. And so are we! We’ve taken him to 3 doctor appointments so far and have 4 more scheduled next week. After that we have a break from doctor appointments for a while.

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Baby Charlie: Weeks 7-11

4/18 Charlie getting so big!

(Scroll down for updates on Charlie.)

Charlie was born at home on February 27th at 5:29 p.m. You can read more about the birth here. After about 5 hours we called 911 because we noticed how much he struggled to breathe. In the Emergency Room they suctioned out a lot of fluid from his lungs, nose and mouth. Then they admitted him to the NICU where they diagnosed him with Pierre Robin sequence.

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