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Emma’s First Snowboarding Trip

We went to a cabin on Mt. Hood for a few days with our family, Loretta, Gunner, Chloe, Ben, Daniel, Sarah and Jake. It was so fun and I plan to post pictures of the cabin soon. But what I’m most excited about is how awesome Emma did on her first snowboard trip!

Here’s how it went…

“OK, give me your foot,” I said.

I looked up at Emma, dressed in a pink snow suit with a little black helmet covering about 95% of her blonde hair and wondered if she would like snowboarding.

She lifted up her boot and I put it in the binding and strapped her in.

“Ok, now, just point your board straight and you’ll start to go down.”

She nodded and then pushed off. I thought she would fall after a few feet but she just kept going… another 10 feet, then 20 and finally after about 30 feet she crashed!

I had to run full speed just to keep up with her. As I ran I was laughing because I was so happy and so proud of my little girl!

I heard one of the workers shout out from behind us and say, “Those are the kids that go pro! See how she turned and rode switch. That’s good!”

After she crashed I helped her up and she rode the rest of the way down the little slope without crashing. When she got to the end she shouted, “Again! Again!”

We rode the “Magic Carpet” conveyor belt up about 7 more times before I finally suggested we take a break and go eat in the lodge. By that time Emma was begging me to take her on “the big hill.” I told her next time.

When I showed Lacie how good Emma did and how much fun she had she said, “Well, I know what she’s getting for Christmas!”

UPDATE 12/19/16: Lacie found a used girl’s snowboard and bindings for $60 on Craigslist. We picked it up the other day and it’s in good condition. It’s a surprise so if you’re reading this before Christmas DON’T TELL EMMA!! 🙂


Date Night in Coronado!

Logan and Danielle watched the kids tonight so we could go on a date!

We left the RV Park around 4:30 and then went to Nordstrom Rack so Lacie could do some shopping. I found a cool laptop backpack while I was there. 

Then we drove to the surprise dinner place… Hotel Del Coronado! Someone told me this was “the place” to go for a nice dinner. And they were right. It was pretty awesome. 

The food was amazing and the view was beautiful. And Lacie looked gorgeous!

We split the NY Steak and got Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and asparagus. After watching the sunset while we ate we then went for a walk on the beach. It was such a fun night. 

Date night in San Diego!

Date night in San Diego!

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Our Trip from Yacolt to San Diego (1,100 Miles. 5 Days. 3 Kids)

On Saturday, Aug. 27 we packed up our RV, left Yacolt, WA  and decided to see how far south we could make it on Day #1 of our big trip.

We ended up driving 155 miles (about 3 hours) and stopped at Deerwood RV Park in Eugene, OR.

When I told Emma, my co-pilot in the RV, we were in Eugene she asked, “We’re going to Flynn Ryder’s place!?” (Flynn Ryder aka Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled).

We stayed in Eugene just one night. I went and grabbed dinner at a little hole in the wall place that night and we enjoyed our first night on the road!

The next day we left Eugene and drove about 220 miles (about 3 hour) south  when we had a tire blow out on the highway!

Tire Blow Out

I actually didn’t even know the tire blew until Lacie, Continue reading

Day 20 in RV: Lily Gets 6 Stitches and Our Delay

We’re on Day #20 of living in motorhome (if you missed our last post about how we purged our stuff and moved into the RV you can read it here).

First, let me share with you where we are… after 20 days we’ve made it all the way to Yacolt, WA (for all you non-locals, Yacolt is only 45 minutes from where we were living (see photo and map below).

Pic of our campsite from the hill I climbed.

Pic of our campsite from the hill I climbed.

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Purging Our Stuff and Moving into Our RV

Lily helping pack up all the clothes!

Lily helping pack up all the clothes to donate!

It’s Saturday, July 30, 2016, and we’re finally in our motorhome!

We’ve spent the last month purging our stuff so we could move out of the home we were renting in Ridgefield and into our motorhome.

And man, talk about a PROJECT!

It’s been a ton of work. And kudos to Lacie for bearing the brunt of the work. I’ve been busy with a couple big copywriting projects this last month so Lacie has been the one doing most of the “purging.”

I’m grateful I married a woman with sisu! When a BIG project needs to get done there’s no one better to have on you team than Lacie Joy! 🙂

I also want to give a shout out to Loretta Hahn for being such a big help during this process! You rock Loretta. Thank you for all your help!

So here’s what we did in the last 4 weeks to purge our stuff so we could get in our RV and travel the country for at least 3 months:

How We Purged Our Stuff

We went through ALL our stuff and decided to either:

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Preparing to Travel the Country in Our Motorhome!

A picture from our last RV trip last month at Cape Kiwanda.

A picture from our last RV trip last month at Cape Kiwanda.

After a lot of talking, planning and praying we finally decided to hit the road in our motorhome!

We’re coming to the end of our 1-year rental agreement here at David’s house in Ridgefield and we’re not ready to buy our first home yet. So we figured this would be a great opportunity to go on a cross-country RV adventure!

We could have stayed here for at least another month but now that we’ve decided what we want to do we can’t wait to get on the road! So two days ago I called David to make arrangement to move out on August 1st so he could move back into his house and we could hit the road.

So now we only have 21 days left! For the last few days we’ve been cleaning house and getting rid of a lot of junk we don’t need. I sold our standup freezer to my friend Kevin for $100. And I took a van load of stuff to Goodwill on Sunday and then took some stuff to the dump after that.

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RV Trip #3 – Bend and Haystack Reservoir

We just got back from a fun 3-night motorhome trip in Central Oregon! On Thursday we packed up the motorhome and drove to Crown Villa RV Resort in the south side of Bend (about 5 mins from where we used to live).

Here’s where we stayed the first night:

(Note: if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can watch some videos of our trip that I uploaded from Snapchat.)

Campsite on Thursday night in the gravel lot.

Campsite on Thursday night in the gravel lot.

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RV Trip #2 – Astoria, OR (New Years 2016)

We decided to go to Astoria, OR to celebrate the New Year. We originally were only going to stay for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday). But we found out the roads were icy on Sunday so we decided to stay a 3rd night.

The campground was a blast. It was perfect for the kids… it had mini-golf, a big bouncy blob thing they could jump on, a game center and the best part: pancake breakfast!

Here are some pictures:


Our camping spot for the first 2 nights. It was right next to the store and the game room.

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RV Trip #1: Columbia Riverfront Park – Woodland, WA

Site #51 at Columbia Riverfront RV Park!

On 11/12/15 we bought our first motorhome:
a 2007 Four Winds Hurricane!

Traveling the country in an RV has been a dream of ours for some time. So we’re pretty excited to finally have one!

Right now we’re on our first trip. The pictures below are from the campsite we were at yesterday… a place called Columbia Riverfront RV Park in Woodland, WA. It was only about 20 mins from our house in Ridgefield but we figured we’d stay close since it’s our first time out. Our plan is to take a couple local trips before we head out on the road for a longer trip!

The weather was kind of rainy but it cleared up a little yesterday… but we still had a blast! Lacie made some great sandwiches for dinner and then we ate twizzlers and watched Elf on all 3 TVs at the same time.

I had a little bit of work to do so I spent about 2 hours writing some marketing emails for one of my partners (I’m also experimenting with working on the road because I’d really like to see us try to see if we could “full-time” this RV thing soon!).

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Lincoln City & Sunriver Vacation – April 2015

It’s Thursday, April 16 and we just spent the last 6 days on vacation! Last week Lacie suggested we go visit my grandparents (aka “Nana & Papa”) and also go to the beach. So I called them and found out it was their 52nd wedding anniversary and they were headed to Lincoln City for the weekend! We asked if they wanted to just meetup at Lincoln City and they said they’d love to.

So I got all my important work done early last Friday and then we packed up and headed to the beach. It was a 2-hour drive and we arrived in Lincoln City around 4:00 p.m.. Loretta, Henry and Gunner came down with us too. And we all stayed in a little beach house Lacie found on VRBO. Here are some pics:

After our 3 nights were up we packed up the minivan and started heading home. But after about 30 minutes in we started talking about extending our vacation and just driving over to Bend. Continue reading

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