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RV Trip #2 – Astoria, OR (New Years 2016)


Our camping spot for the first 2 nights. It was right next to the store and the game room.

We decided to go to Astoria, OR to celebrate the New Year. We originally were only going to stay for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday). But we found out the roads were icy on Sunday so we decided to stay a 3rd night.

The campground was a blast. It was perfect for the kids… it had mini-golf, a big bouncy blob thing they could jump on, a game center and the best part: pancake breakfast!

Here are some pictures:

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Lincoln City & Sunriver Vacation – April 2015

It’s Thursday, April 16 and we just spent the last 6 days on vacation! Last week Lacie suggested we go visit my grandparents (aka “Nana & Papa”) and also go to the beach. So I called them and found out it was their 52nd wedding anniversary and they were headed to Lincoln City for the weekend! We asked if they wanted to just meetup at Lincoln City and they said they’d love to.

So I got all my important work done early last Friday and then we packed up and headed to the beach. It was a 2-hour drive and we arrived in Lincoln City around 4:00 p.m.. Loretta, Henry and Gunner came down with us too. And we all stayed in a little beach house Lacie found on VRBO. Here are some pics:

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Photos from Our Cabin Getaway in January 2012

Last month we went to Mt. Hood and stayed at our favorite little cabin. It’s the same one we stayed at for our 2-year anniversary. This will probably be our last getaway before little Emma Grace arrives and we enjoyed it very much. It was relaxing and I even got to go snowboarding for a few hours Saturday night while Lacie stayed at the cabin and watched movies.

It was nice to just sit in the hot tub, hang out with my wife and listen to the sound of the creek. I love this place and I hope to have a little cabin of our own like this someday. Here are some photos: Continue reading

We’re Going to Have a Baby!

Me and Lacie at Seaside
Me and Lacie at Seaside


Man, I am not doing a good job at updating this blog! It’s been 4 months since I last posted on this…OK, I’ve decided, at least once a month I’m going to post something, anything on here (I’m putting it on my calendar right now).

So what’s happened since July? Well, we went to the beach (Seaside, OR) for Thanksgiving last week. That was fun. Oh and I started a hyperlocal website for Battle Ground WA, called the Battle Ground Buzz….Let’s see what other news is there to report? Oh yeah, we’re going to have a baby! A little girl in fact!

We found out in August and Lacie’s due March 19th! We’re so excited since we’ve been trying to have kids for a while now. If I can figure out how to scan the ultrasound image I’ll post it on here soon.

So that’s pretty much the big news around the Monen household. I’ll write more about it later but it’s already getting late any my wife said it’s bedtime. Until next time!

Our Surprise Hike

Last weekend Lacie, Loretta, Henry and myself discovered an amazing hiking spot. It was Sunday afternoon and we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day. I had a hockey game that night so we couldn’t drive too far.

We decided to drive 30 minutes north (of Yacolt) to a place called Siouxon Creek Trail. We forgot the map and never found reached our planned destination. Instead we found one of the coolest hikes in the area! I’ve lived in this area for 12 years and never even heard of this place.

And in an effort to keep this hike on the down low I’m not going to tell you how to get there (plus I can’t remember exactly). If you want to find out just email or call me. I just don’t like great hiking spots like this one to be overrun with people.

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Loretta:

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Our 2- Year Anniversary

Earlier this month we celebrated our 2-year anniversary and our birthdays. Yes, for those of you who don’t already know we share the same birthday and decided to get married on our birthday. So June 13th is a big day for us.

This year we decided to rent a cabin on Mount Hood and are so glad we did. The cabin was perfect in every way. It was secluded, cozy and had a hot tub in the back that overlooked the creek. It was very relaxing and the only downside was that we didn’t stay longer (only two nights).

We also got to take a nice hike to Ramona Falls and the trailhead was only about 15 minutes from our cabin. And on our way out we stopped by Timberline Lodge for lunch. It was the best 2 year anniversary we’ve ever had. Winking smile


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