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Our New Vegetable Garden!

Our new vegetable garden!

Today was one of the best Sundays I’ve had in a long time.

My wife and I picked up some top soil today for the new vegetable garden we planted.

It’s been a long time since I’ve “played in the dirt” and it felt good. It was freeing to be away from my phone and laptop all day.

I could feel my brain relax as I shoveled dirt for hours, pulled weeds and got my hands dirty.

The girls were at Ginny’s House so Lacie and I just had Benji today… and he loved it!

Every time I started the riding lawnmower to go pick up another load of dirt (we had a trailer on the back) he would drop whatever he was doing and sprint towards me! One of his greatest fears in life right now is missing out on a lawnmower ride so I always make sure to wait for my buddy.

Here’s some pictures…

Before (good news is these raised beds came with the house!)

Got 1.5 yards of top toil (3-way)

Benji pulling his weight…literally!

Big helper!

He LOVES the lawnmower!

All planted! Done.

Side angle. Done!


  1. Nana

    Beautiful Garden,, So Organized honey GREAT JOB ? LOOKS LIKE FUN. LOVE YOU GUYS NANA. Papa will be Proud of you .

    • Josh

      Thanks Nana! I need Papa to show me how to grow some awesome flowers like he does.

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