On Sept 14, 2013 we moved into a new house in Bend. We’re renting still but this house has a lot more room. Our last house had 1,775 sq ft and this one has 2,826 sq ft. Which means I get my own dedicated home office, Emma get’s her own room and we have a big guest room (in addition to Sarah’s room and our bedroom). So we’re grateful for this house and have been enjoying it a lot over the last 2 months.


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And Lacie was the one who found it! She did a good job researching rentals and found this one. Oh and another reason we like this house is that it has a little backyard that Emma can play in and we can both park our cars in the garage (an amazing feat that we’ve never been able to accomplish before!). Here’s some photos (these were taken before we moved in, so maybe I’ll update them later with new ones):