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Emma’s First Snowboarding Trip

We went to a cabin on Mt. Hood for a few days with our family, Loretta, Gunner, Chloe, Ben, Daniel, Sarah and Jake. It was so fun and I plan to post pictures of the cabin soon. But what I’m most excited about is how awesome Emma did on her first snowboard trip!

Here’s how it went…

“OK, give me your foot,” I said.

I looked up at Emma, dressed in a pink snow suit with a little black helmet covering about 95% of her blonde hair and wondered if she would like snowboarding.

She lifted up her boot and I put it in the binding and strapped her in.

“Ok, now, just point your board straight and you’ll start to go down.”

She nodded and then pushed off. I thought she would fall after a few feet but she just kept going… another 10 feet, then 20 and finally after about 30 feet she crashed!

I had to run full speed just to keep up with her. As I ran I was laughing because I was so happy and so proud of my little girl!

I heard one of the workers shout out from behind us and say, “Those are the kids that go pro! See how she turned and rode switch. That’s good!”

After she crashed I helped her up and she rode the rest of the way down the little slope without crashing. When she got to the end she shouted, “Again! Again!”

We rode the “Magic Carpet” conveyor belt up about 7 more times before I finally suggested we take a break and go eat in the lodge. By that time Emma was begging me to take her on “the big hill.” I told her next time.

When I showed Lacie how good Emma did and how much fun she had she said, “Well, I know what she’s getting for Christmas!”

UPDATE 12/19/16: Lacie found a used girl’s snowboard and bindings for $60 on Craigslist. We picked it up the other day and it’s in good condition. It’s a surprise so if you’re reading this before Christmas DON’T TELL EMMA!! 🙂


Emma’s 1st Hockey Game

So last night I took Emma to her first hockey game! We picked up grandpa at the car lot and the 3 of us drove down to Portland to watch the Winterhawks play Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals vs Kelowna.

She did so good and I’m glad I took her. She had a blast and loved the fact she could yell and scream and not get in trouble. Plus, she liked to watch the mascot, Tomohawk, run around the rink and do funny things. It was like Where’s Waldo for her… she would scan the arena looking for Tomohawk and get excited when she spotted him.

I bought her a bag of caramel popcorn and a water and she was so happy. She ate the whole bag all the way to the bottom where she actually chewed some seeds, which made her cry for a second.

It was a great experience! I’m blessed to have kids who love me. And I’m grateful I can do things like take them to hockey games. Life is good!



Life with Two Little Girls

For the last five months we’ve been enjoying life with two beautiful daughters, Emma Grace and Lily Joy.

It’s been a blast being a dad, and I really mean that. One of my favorite things to do these days is to play with my girls. And since I work from home full-time I get to see them a lot, which I love!

So here are some photos our girls over the last five months.

Lily and Emma - May 8, 2014

Lily and Emma – May 8, 2014

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Photos of Emma Grace from Our First Year In Bend

Thought I should update this blog since it’s been a year since the last post. So here’s an assortment of photos (90% of Emma) from our first year in Bend. We just moved into a new house to start our 2nd year. I’ll post some pics of that as soon as I get a chance. (By the way, you can click on the small photos to enlarge them).

Recent Photos of Emma Grace (Oct 2012)

Here’s some recent photos of Emma Grace… she’s getting cuter by the day!

Emma Helping with the Dishes

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Our First Month With Emma Grace

Emma Sleeping

The last 5 weeks have been some of the best days of my life. That’s because on March 17, 2012 at exactly 3:58am we welcomed our first child into the world… little Emma Grace Monen was born 9lbs 8oz and 21″ long! And I must say, she is adorable.

I was going to update this right after Emma was born, then I blinked and it’s 5 already weeks later. Apparently time flies when you’re having fun. And I can already hear all you parents saying, “Just wait, the next 18 years will fly by just like that. It goes so fast.”

And I bet it does. The last 5 weeks have seemed like only a few days as we’ve enjoyed watching our little baby girl grow up right before our eyes. It’s kind of crazy to see her change so fast. One day she looks more like Lacie and the next she looks more like me.

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