Emma holding her diploma!

Tonight we celebrated Emma’s kindergarten graduation from Firm Foundation Christian School… and it was awesome! The night began with the kids saying, in unison, scriptures they had memorized followed by songs like, “This Little Light of Mine.”

About 5 minutes into it, Lacie leaned over and whispered, “I thought they were going to have caps and gowns.” I just shrugged and said, “Yeah, I don’t know.” I had never been to a kindergarten graduation so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. 

After the kids finished singing they played a cute slideshow of events from their school year. Things like Grandparents Day, Pajama Day, their Country Reports, and their field trips to the zoo and the pumpkin patch. 

And then after a few minutes of awkward silence, a girl sat down at the piano and started playing the Graduation Song. Then the gym door opened and all these little kindergarteners started to slowly file in… all dressed in adorable blue caps and gowns! 

Emma waving hi!

I’ll be honest, I got a little choked up watching my little girl, who I feel like was just born the other day, walk up and get her diploma. I didn’t actually cry but felt a little lump in my throat. She looked so grown up in her cap and gown and with her hair done all beautiful. 

As we waited for all the kids’ names to be called I heard the name, “Bear.” I remembered Emma talking about a “nice boy” in her class named Bear. So, of course, I looked over to keep a watchful eye on this “nice boy.”

Viewing the situation from Dad perspective.

As I closely monitored the distance between Emma and Bear I saw Emma accidentally drop her diploma behind the bleachers. Then Bear reached down, picked it up and handed it to her which caused Emma to smile a little too big for my liking. 

“Ah, that nice boy just picked up Emma’s diploma and handed it back to her,” Lacie said, completely unaware of the surveillance operation going on inside my mind. 

“Yeah, I saw it,” I said. “That’s Bear who she always talks about.” 

After the kids dispersed I thought to myself, What am I going to do when this girl gets older and really starts liking boys! Can’t think about that now… just enjoy the moment. 

Once the ceremony ended Chloe walked up and gave Emma and Cece a bouquet of flowers. Then Emma got a picture with her teacher, Mrs. Walker (who by the way, has got to be the #1 kindergarten teacher in the world!).

Emma and her flowers.

Emma looking so grown up!

Mrs. Walker & Emma Grace

Afterward, we ended the night by going out to the playground where Emma and Cece showed us their monkey bar skills before we had a photo session next to the school.

Little Monkeys!

Best Friends!

Cece & Emma… Double Trouble!

Give me a kiss!

Lily wants in on the fun!

What an awesome Auntie!