(e) if a school is removed from the hptsa protection zone, teachers who received HPTSA prior to this change will receive assistance until the end of the school year. The teachers concerned retain their right to the transfer and relocation provisions of this agreement for a new three-year year. You can also access a PDF version once you`ve selected the link to your corresponding collective agreement. Teachers help teachers in a classroom by working one for one or in groups with students. (i) A beginner teacher may have up to two assessments against the beginner teacher`s standards, or three if registration is delayed before being evaluated to the class teacher`s standards. However, junior teachers can be assessed earlier on the basis of standards for classroom teachers, if progress warrants and if the teacher and evaluator agree. The start and expiry dates of a collective agreement are agreed by both parties during the negotiations. G3 for teachers who hold a current certificate of practice from the Aotearoa Teaching Council New Zealand and: Note: For example, a teacher who was at stage 6 of the untrained teacher scale would translate into step 6 scale of trained teachers. Physical education teachers and sports coaches must have a good level of fitness and health. The transmission of tariff conditions to individual employment contracts. The terms of an employment contract must be respected. It is the current collective agreements that set the conditions for school principals, teachers and other staff in schools.

English teachers for speakers of other languages (ESOL teachers) teach people of non-English speaking backgrounds to speak, read and write English. Article 4.3.7 is a transitional clause. The parties agree to remove Clause 4.3.7 in the event of a renewal of this collective agreement. (ii) Teachers are assessed after full registration or after two years according to the criteria of class teachers when teachers have the status of limited authority to teach (LAT). The employer and the union must keep a signed copy of the collective agreement and provide a copy to employees if they request it. The employer must give them to new workers who are not unionized and whose work is covered by the coverage clause. The G ratings in this collective agreement recognize that the New Zealand Quality Qualifications Register provides the appropriate framework for determining the relationship between qualification and salary. b) In the event of a down payment, part-time teachers are expected to participate in proportion to the school`s activities outside of teaching as soon as they are required by the head of the school. Note: The reduction may be related to the overstaffing, but it alone is not sufficient to require the school to require the procedures described in point 3.9.3 of this agreement. 4.23.9 Teachers who provide Kahui Ako`s (inter-community) teacher who are on leave receive both the allowance and the time allowance for the period during which they serve as teachers of Kahui Ako (inter-community), subject to point 4.16.4.

This part of the agreement defines salary data for secondary school teachers who are members of the PPTA. It also provides details on starting salaries and wage maintenance, units and allowances. (c) performed the three-year teaching service at the highest level of the basic salary range of teachers trained for the teacher`s qualification group; if the employer offers individual conditions to the employee, the employer must negotiate in good faith and give the worker the time and opportunity to advise himself independently, such as when an employer offers an individual employment contract to a worker.