The free legal forms and information displayed in this document are intended to give you an example that you can follow when creating your own business legal documents. As you know, local laws in the county, city and country vary. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek professional counsel (through a lawyer) before entering into a legally binding contract or agreement. Hoover Web Design is not responsible for any liability arising from the use of this free legal form. 1. Employment of brokers. The owner authorizes the broker to act on behalf of the owner and as a lawyer to buy, sell and trade shares, bonds and other securities and/or property and/or contracts that relate to this page to the marginala or otherwise to the owner`s account and risk on his behalf. This agreement of `1` ________deren address `3`) ,-, “broker”. 4.

Who is bound. This contract is binding and beneficial to the parties, including their successors and agents. If you want to take advantage of an opportunity on stocks and bonds to facilitate your trading, you would have a stockbroker. The way it works is that it helps you grow your money by buying stocks and bonds on your behalf. It is in tune with the market and knows what a good purchase is for your money. He is aware of what is going on in the stock market world and does a lot of research and can advise you on the best ways to invest your money. For his help, he receives a percentage of the winnings you make. 5. Full agreement.

This contract replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the parties and cannot be amended, amended or amended by either party without any other written contract signed by both parties. 3. Compensation. The owner agrees to compensate the broker for the services provided under this contract as follows: [indication of the rate of pay and as determined]. 2. Length of contract. This contract remains valid until it is revoked in writing by both parties. Such a revocation does not affect any liability for transactions initiated prior to revocation. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

6. Signatures. Both the broker and the owner agree with the above. To use this free Stock Broker Contract form letter, copy the text of the letter and paste it to your word processing program of your choice. Fill the benches and print them out and sign.