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Month: August 2016

Our Trip from Yacolt to San Diego (1,100 Miles. 5 Days. 3 Kids)

On Saturday, Aug. 27 we packed up our RV, left Yacolt, WA  and decided to see how far south we could make it on Day #1 of our big trip.

We ended up driving 155 miles (about 3 hours) and stopped at Deerwood RV Park in Eugene, OR.

When I told Emma, my co-pilot in the RV, we were in Eugene she asked, “We’re going to Flynn Ryder’s place!?” (Flynn Ryder aka Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled).

We stayed in Eugene just one night. I went and grabbed dinner at a little hole in the wall place that night and we enjoyed our first night on the road!

The next day we left Eugene and drove about 220 miles (about 3 hour) south  when we had a tire blow out on the highway!

Tire Blow Out

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Day 20 in RV: Lily Gets 6 Stitches and Our Delay

We’re on Day #20 of living in motorhome (if you missed our last post about how we purged our stuff and moved into the RV you can read it here).

First, let me share with you where we are… after 20 days we’ve made it all the way to Yacolt, WA (for all you non-locals, Yacolt is only 45 minutes from where we were living (see photo and map below).

Pic of our campsite from the hill I climbed.

Pic of our campsite from the hill I climbed.

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